Executive Committee

PresidentMAJ Sean Beeman, USA
Vice President

CPT Jessica Houfek, USA

Secretary/Treasurer CDR Jeremy Mason, USPHSjeremy_mason@nps.gov
Past PresidentCDR Katherine Hubbard, USPHSknhubbard@anthc.org
President-ElectLCDR Kazuhiro Okumura, USPHSkazuhiro.okumura@fda.hhs.gov

Service Representatives

Air Force COL Philip Goff, USAFphilip.e.goff.mil@mail.mil
ArmyLTC William Whitaker, USAwilliam.whitaker@usuhs.edu
Coast GuardMs. Carolyn Onye, USCGcarolyn.w.onye@uscg.mil
Navy/Marine CorpsCDR Lori Christensen, USNlori.a.christensen.mil@mail.mil


RetireesCAPT(Ret.) Gary Noonan, USPHSgnoonan@charter.net

Committee Chairs

Constitution & By Laws CAPT(Ret.) Bruce Etchison, USPHS/USCGbmetchison72@gmail.com

CPT Jessica Houfek

Membership CDR Michelle Noonan-Smith, USPHS mdn2@cdc.gov
Programs LTC (Ret.) Welford Roberts, USA welford@erols.com
Finance CPT Bjorn Listerud, USAbjorn.c.listerud.mil@mail.mil
Past President Advisory CDR Katherine Hubbard, USPHS knhubbard@anthc.org

Special Assistants

Webmaster LCDR John Masters, USPHS masters.john@epa.gov

uniformed services environmental health association


The Uniformed Services Environmental Health Association's mission is to serve our members by enhancing their professional capabilities and leadership and to serve the environmental health needs of the uniformed services and the nation.

USEHA is an affiliate of the National Environmental Health Association.
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