USEHA Executive Council Calls for Self-Nomination

14 Jan 2019 15:26 | John Masters

USEHA Members,

Are you looking for more leadership opportunities, a resume builder, and an opportunity to interact with fellow environmental health professionals from the uniformed services? Now is your opportunity to submit a self-nomination to serve on the Uniformed Services Environmental Health Association (USEHA) Executive Council.

We are now accepting self-nominations for the following positions in the upcoming 2019 USEHA Officer Elections:

*President-Elect: Term as President-Elect begins July 2019. This person commits to serving as the President beginning in June/July of 2021. The individual may be from any Uniformed Service, including retirees, except Public Health Service, as the current President-Elect is a Public Health Service officer.

*Vice President: Individual may be from any Uniformed Service, including retirees; term begins July 2019.

*Secretary/Treasurer: Individual may be from any Uniformed Service, including retirees; term begins July 2019.

Term lengths are for two full years. The Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer may serve two successive terms. Candidates for officer positions must be both NEHA and USEHA members in good standing with the organization.

Send self-nominations to CPT Jessica Houfek at

The self-nomination should include your name, rank, branch of service, the position you wish to be elected to, and a brief statement (less than a page) explaining why you wish to serve in the position. Nominations are due NLT 31 March 2019. Your supervisor must sign the self-nomination acknowledging that you will be required to commit to a limited number of hours per month during the regular workday as an officer of USEHA.

If your USEHA membership has lapsed and you would like to renew, please visit our website at

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The Uniformed Services Environmental Health Association's mission is to serve our members by enhancing their professional capabilities and leadership and to serve the environmental health needs of the uniformed services and the nation.

USEHA is an affiliate of the National Environmental Health Association.
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